Is your future business partner politically exposed?

Is your future local intermediary’s reputation bad?

What should you know about your future client before entering in a contractual relationship?

Need to identify everything there is to know about a third party in a few clicks?

Automated solution

for reputation and compliance verifications

An online service to evaluate your third parties according to 3 criteria:

1. Advanced adverse media: scanning traditional media and online search engines

2. Politically Exposed Persons lists (PEP): 800,000 entries 

3. Global sanctions and watchlists: 1,700+ official lists

A platform: Relevance® can be accessed via an online SaaS tool – relevance-hub.com – which integrates power and speed of artificial intelligence combined with the expertise of our Business intelligence analysts.

Application: fast evaluation of a subject of inquiry’s integrity – whether individual or entity – everywhere in the world, using only publicly available information.

Implement a first level of analysis on all your counterparties (comply with key requirements: AML, CFT, ABAC…)

Access millions of sources of information in a few clicks

Access pre-analyzed results, qualified by rsk management experts

Secure your decision-making



Are you holding all the cards to secure your investments and partnerships?

Establishment, reputation, achievements: what do you about your future provider, wherever it is located?

Regulatory compliance: how adequate are your Due Diligence procedures?

Besoin d’adapter

vos mesures de vigilance ?

Business Intelligence

& Due Diligence solutions

A full set of solutions to answer immediately to all types of needs (compliance, pre-investment, supply chain monitoring…)

Due Diligence report: simplified, standard, enhanced

• Reputation & background inquiries: field and media research

• Onsite visits and inspections

• Public information collection and analysis

• Key people identification: directors, ultimate beneficiary owners

• Regulatory verifications: Politically exposed persons,

global sanctions and watchlists

Meet your regulatory compliance obligations: AML, CFT, Sapin 2, UKBA, FCPA, duty of vigilance, CSR…

Order all research at affordable price

Access an intervention scope of 200+ countries


You need to screen candidates before hiring them?

You need to certify an employee’s profile for a client or regulator?

You need to assess the reputation and achievements of a future executive?

CV or reality?

Pre-employment screening

and profile certification solutions

Background checks services for candidates and employees

• Academic background / Education

• Professional background / employment

• Reference checks

• Identity checks: passport, driving license, visa, permits…

• Integrity checks: criminal and credit

 Media and field reputation 

Online ordering and case management platform

• Easy data collection: direct orders by employers or full candidate onboarding solution

• Simple and secure interface

Tailored or packaged research

Worldwide reach (200+ countries covered)

Capacity to integrate high volumes of orders

Solution calibrated to meet HR compliance obligations:

worldwide group policies, fit and proper requirements… 

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